UX and Animation

Conversational User Interface is on the rise and has almost unlimited potential. BROOKE is a new chatbot that utilizes the Facebook Messenger platform to answer all of those life questions that parents don't have time to teach. Taxes, Insurance, Utilities — they're all a cinch with BROOKE.


Recent graduates from college are often not aware of the life details that are required in being an independent adult. They are used to a life with Google and Youtube and hope to be provided with answers as expediently as possible.


Provide a resource that feels familiar and trustworthy where millenials can turn to find the answers to life’s demands.


Utilize the Facebook Messenger app to introduce a conversational user interface that utilizes contextual awareness and machine learning to answer questions and serve as a resource for everything from taxes to utilites.

  • Skills Used
    • User Experience
    • Research
    • Brand Development
    • Animation
  • Duration
  • 5 weeks

  • Systems
  • After Effects, Illustrator

  • Collaborators
  • Cooper Sinai-Yunker

  • Deliverables
    • UX Process
    • Brand Identity
    • Logo
    • Illustrations
    • Animation


“People are now spending more time in messaging apps than in social media and that is a huge turning point. Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services.”

Peter Rojas, Co-Founder of Gizmodo & Engadget

Target Demographic

Brooke's target demographics are younger millenials (ages 20-25) as well as Generation Z (19 and under). This range of the population is comprised of young adults who are new into the world of responsibilities. Many coming out of college or high school have not had to take care of basic life tasks such as getting auto insurance, paying utility bills or doing their taxes. They are connected, innovative and open to new technologies.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook reported in July of 2016 that Messenger boasted a massive 1 billion users. Now, less than a year later, its up to 1.2 billion. Though initially met with hesitance, many analysts predict Facebook's move to a stand alone messaging app will dramatically increase the success of the program over the next few years.

map users

To better understand the end-users and their motivations, detailed personas were created based off real-life individuals in my personal network.

User Flows

Brooke's success relies on its ability to understand and respond in conversational, human language. This relies heavily on the use of natural language processing, a blend of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Below is an example of a user flow demonstrating a basic task a new user might be attempting to accomplish and how Brooke interacts and responds with natural language.

Logo Development

The logo was developed to be simple and friendly, with the ability to size-down well for use in the messenger app. As Brooke is a chatbot, the visual design of the entity is fairly limited, however, this design additionally sets the tone for use in advertising materials.


As modern chatbots are new and somewhat unfamiliar to the general population, I made a video that demonstrates the primary features. The video was designed to be watched on Facebook with the knowledge that it was very likely to be watched without sound.